RFID Tags and readers

Giotex Tagnology is composed of RFID certified personal in the technical and sales area with 25 years of professional experience in many of the important industrial sectors.

Giotex Tagnology, as a technological consulting company, provides its know-how and experience in RFID technologywith the purpose that engineering companies, system integrators, developers of new products and installation service providers may offer the best technology with the best price/performance ratio to their end customers.

Since 1991 the highly qualified personal of Giotex Tagnology works in the RFID business, has advised and designed many RFID solutions in the area of process control and automation. The industrial sectors covered by applications range from access control, automotive production, fleet management, logistics, stock control, document management, libraries, waste management as well as several very successful projects in the meat industry.

In the technological area, Giotex Tagnology counts with the full support of one of the world’s leading semiconductor and RFID companies with its own design, development and production of RFID components and systems, the multinational Texas Instruments. Giotex Tagnology is a RFID integration center recognized by Texas Instruments, a RFID technology support center as well as the distribution of the RFID components developed and produced by TI-RFID.

With the RFID solutions provided by Giotex Tagnology companies are capable to optimize their process flows and place themselves within the technological leaders in their sector at reasonable costs and with a fast ROI.

In Giotex Tagnology we implement quality and provide a functional guarantee for the delivered RFID systems which are the backbone of the client’s installation, process control and automation system.

Technical support and distribution of:

Texas Instruments RFID