RFID Company

As a company, Giotex Tagnology is strongly focused on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based solutions and works as a technical support and sales center for the RFID systems of Texas Instruments within Spain and Portugal.

Our personal in the technical and sales area has in its curriculum 25 years of professional experience dedicated to the study and design of RFID based solutions as well as in the installation and ranking up of these type of applications in the field. The people behind Giotex Tagnology always worked and work with end customers through engineering companies and/or system integrators.

Our aim is to offer the best technological solution for our clients through the integration of RFID in their process solutions and thereby offering for the end customer the best solution in their process automation.

Our efforts are focused on aligning the RFID technologies available on the market to the end user requirements. A correct selection of the RFID technology to use and the proper installation secures a process automation with minimum human intervention. The implemented solutions offer the end users an optimized process flow, cost savings and a considerable reduction of human errors.

Technical support and distribution of:

Texas Instruments RFID